Changing the face of your sector brings many challenges. We’ve developed a blueprint to help disruptive entrepreneurs and brands break through.

Do you find yourself saying any of the following:

  • “We’d be flying if only more people knew what we offered”
  • “Once people discover what we’re about we’ll have no trouble closing”
  • “I don’t know how to get in front of the right customer”
  • “What do we say when people ask what we do?”
  • “How do we get noticed by the press and media?”

These are the very problems our customers are facing when they turn to us.

Every founder of a disruptive business wants to navigate their team through the tricky waters of breaking through in their market, being accepted and toppling the current incumbents.

Disruptive businesses are NOT like other businesses.

On top of all the usual business challenges – scaling, managing growth, generating leads and sales, cash flow – businesses which are looking to shake up their sector have other challenges on top of this. We’re here to help.

Our GENIUS Approach delivers all the elements needed to successfully promote a business from a state of low awareness to industry domination.

Our Story

Originally founded as a copywriting agency in 2014, we discovered the businesses with whom we had the biggest impact were those companies doing something different or game-changing in their sector.

Far from breezing into the market on a wave of “new-ness”, it was clear disruptors faced a number of additional challenges and we’ve helped over 100 businesses help find their voice and communicate their passion and personality better – resulting in more exposure, more customers and more sales.

In 2016, we placed our focus squarely on working only with disruptors and Hello Genius was born. With our new focus we developed a six-part blueprint designed to help disruptive businesses successfully breakthrough in their market and seriously challenge the dominant players.

Hello Genius is now part of the Entrepreneurial Spark accelerator programme supported by Natwest, KPMG, Dell and Pinsent Masons.


Our Mission

We believe great ideas deserve to win. When a great business idea that promises to change people’s lives for the better fails, it’s a tragedy. Society suffers when great ideas fail. Our mission is to help great ideas win and our goal is to help disruptive entrepreneurs change the world.

We believe all the major change in the world will not be driven by government or industry bodies, but by enterprising individuals and entrepreneurs who take risks.

Our goal is to help these game-changing businesses minimise the risk of failure by giving them the foundation to break through in their industry or sector.

We do this through our flagship Industry Disruptor programme as well as targeted marketing support designed specifically around the needs of this special breed of business owner.


Hello Genius is made up of our permanent team based in our office in Brighton, UK, as well as a network of specialists in all areas of business and marketing. Our key team members are:

Jody Raynsford

Founder & CEO

Jody is a former journalist and editor with a knack for identifying the central issue holding back your marketing. Never short of an idea. Has an encyclopaedic memory of film quotes.

Jenna Gradidge


Jenna is an award-winning copywriter and expert project manager. Hates dull copy and jargon. Loves coffee and dogs.

Kerstin McCammont

Marketing Assistant

Kerstin (aka Tequila) is a natural when it comes to writing but is also an organisational superhero. Is a dab hand with a spreadsheet or table.