Influencer marketing agencies are a relatively new phenomena when it comes to building marketing strategy and marketing campaigns for B2B.

Although predominantly focused on consumer brands on social media, there are huge opportunities for brands who are willing to work with content creators and influencer content to support their marketing campaigns and get in front of more of their target audience.

Getting started with influencer marketing or developing an influencer campaign is challenge without having the support of a dedicated influencer marketing agency. The reason for working with a marketing agency is to simplify the process of recruiting influencers, driving content creation and campaign management.

So, what exactly is an influencer marketing agency?

Sounds all a bit wishy-washy and Gen-Z, doesn’t it?

Well, the explosion of social media platforms and the ability of so many users to really understand how to use these platforms effectively to aggregate attention, grow a following and monetise their audience.

An influencer agency will work with influencers across marketing campaigns for clients who want to benefit from a way of accessing new audiences in an authentic and highly leveraged way.

The top influencer marketing agencies will focus on building a network of influencers who are content creators, social media influencers and creatives producing influencer content across a wide range of platforms.

Influencer marketing has been associated with consumer brands, previously. However, there are more than a million influencers operating across multiple sectors on multiple platforms producing creative influencer marketing. The challenge is connecting the clients and brands to the right influencers and structuring the relationship and the influencer campaigns in the right way to get the results desired.

The next question focuses on the impact an influencer agency can have in your business.

How influencer marketing agencies help your business or brand

Global influencer marketing is one of the fastest growing segments of the marketing and content marketing sector and offers an opportunity to help brands get original influencer generated digital content working for them.

An influencer marketing agency helps brands access a network of influencers who are proven to create content, deliver aligned creative and produce content marketing to grow brand awareness and interest.

An influencer agency is different to a digital marketing agency or content marketing agency in that the content creation and creative is done on the agency side. With influencer marketing, the content creation is put in the hands of the influencers and creators.

The top influencer marketing pros know this…

The best influencer marketing is a result of when client brands choose to work with influencers who align perfectly with their messaging, tone and their values.

Bringing in top influencers in relevant markets complements brands’ social media marketing activity and marketing campaigns. This can bring another dimension to paid social, advertising, existing Instagram activity and other paid media. Influencer campaigns bring another element to marketing and put creative power in the hands of creators around your business or brand. Yes, we know that’s scary but our team helps devise the right strategy for you and our services and management packages help execute in the long term.

Working with influencers isn’t just the domain of major global brands working across multiple platforms to a huge audience. Businesses and brands can take advantage of a wide range of creators and social media influencers working across social media platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and other channels that emerge. There are a huge number of micro influencers and content creators who help brands and businesses reach their target audience through the right marketing strategy.

How to choose the right influencer.

A digital marketing agency that specialises in social media marketing supported by influencer campaigns has expertise and experience in connecting the right influencers with brands and businesses.

First, it is important to understand the strategic objectives of the business and its overall marketing strategy to understand how an influencer marketing campaign could amplify the results of its activities.

Secondly, the agency will identify the right kind of content creation and social media activity that fits with those objections and will develop a results driven influencer marketing campaign strategy that works across all relevant social media and digital platforms.

Next, the team will identify the right content creators and influencers who will support the campaign developed in line with the brand’s goals. Criteria for choosing the right influencers for the campaign include capability to produce the right creative, a shared focus on the target audience, a relevant presence and following on the relevant social media platforms and past history of work with brands.

The next steps of the strategy is to move to the campaign management phase when the influencer marketing agency team work with the influencer to give them what they need to create the right content and marketing content for use in the marketing campaign.

Which social media platforms are best for B2B influencers?

As with everything, it depends. However, there should be no restriction on the digital marketing channels available to a B2B business if you’re operating on social media.

Choosing the right platform is one of the reasons its so important to be data driven in your approach to choose the right influencers, developing the right digital content and ensuring the creators get all they need to make the strategy work.

The truth is everyone is on every platform in huge numbers. The audience is there, it’s just a matter of how to connect with them in ways which fit well with the how the audience uses the digital channels.

Questions to ask influencers

This phase requires each of these questions to be answered:

  • Have they worked with brands and clients before?

  • How effective have the previous influencer campaigns been they’ve worked on?

  • What digital marketing and/or content marketing activity is currently being undertaken?

  • What is their best marketing strategy to work with?

  • Have they ever worked with an influencer agency before?

The execution of the campaign strategy follows with the influencer marketing agency monitoring how well the strategy and content marketing activity is going. This measurement will include data driven insights that measure how effective the content creation has been in promoting brand awareness among the audience across the digital platforms that are the focus of the influencer campaigns.

Top influencer marketing agencies do this.

As an agency leading influencer marketing strategies, our goal is to help you and your brand benefit from the powerful content creation capabilities available across the social media landscape. The aim of the very best influencer marketing agencies is to help brands capitalise on the surge of global influencer marketing to build powerful influencer marketing campaigns that get results for clients.

To support your influencer marketing campaigns, the agency provides help with strategy, creative services, digital marketing support and management of metrics and measurement of content marketing across all digital platforms, including Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. The most effective influencer campaigns connect the right influencer with the right audience and is supported by additional digital marketing activities.

How we help create the perfect influencer campaign for your brand

We’re leading influencer marketing and helping brands get full service influencer marketing support when they need it. Originally founded as a digital marketing agency, we’ve now transitioned into a full service influencer marketing agency supporting social media marketing, marketing strategy across platforms and building a network of influencers we can rely upon and bring into our influencer campaigns.

It’s no secret great content produced by influencers has driven influencer marketing to have the impact it does. That’s why our strategy as an agency is to focus on how to help influencers contribute to your current marketing campaigns and content marketing. This approach helps brands gain traction, attention and connections on the digital platforms that matter.

Ready to grow influencer marketing for your business or brand

As a full service influencer marketing agency, we specialise in content creation and content marketing as a primary focus for the influencer marketing campaigns we work on with our clients and brands. Our research process helps understand your ideal audience, who already has their attention and exactly what your audience would be looking for in creators on the right digital platforms.

When you want to launch your first influencer campaign, we can help. We build a data driven marketing strategy with a focus on your target audience designed to support your existing paid social, paid media or social media marketing activities. The influencer campaign we build is tied to your existing marketing strategy.

Let’s get started

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