BizWorld UAE

How we unpicked a complex audience to launch a transformational education programme in style


A few months back we were contacted by social entrepreneur, Helen Al Uzaizi. She was far away - in Dubai. “Ooooh.”

Helen was in the final stages of setting up a UAE branch of the international ‘BizWorld’ program when she got in touch. The program teaches the basics of entrepreneurship to 7-15 year olds through a hands-on, school-based project.

Her solid business plan had already secured the partnerships necessary to see the programme become a reality and everything was starting to take shape.

The only thing Helen needed our help with was coming up with the right messaging for her website.

The copy needed to position BizWorld as a true authority in the UAE education landscape.

Although this project presented no mean feat, we were awestruck by Helen’s dedication and couldn’t wait to get our hands dirty.



If you’ve more than one target audience, you’ll know the constant challenge of trying to appeal to everyone in one set of words.

That’s where Helen was at.

Her website needed to speak to teachers - the key to spreading the program through schools, kids who want to know more and potential business partners.

The challenge went further. The entrepreneurship program was a brand new concept to the majority of readers, so the copy needed to inform them as much as it was persuasive.

As Helen says: “Introducing a fairly new concept in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region meant the messaging, tone and content of my website needed to be clear and concise.”

“There were key messages I needed to highlight which include both product-based messaging but also values-driven messaging. I needed to make sure both came through equally as strong and clear.”

“I looked into a few alternatives for copywriting locally in the UAE, regionally and considered a freelancer in the US and no one gave me the same kind of confidence that I had in the Hello Genius team.”

“Having looked at testimonials but also looking at past work that Hello Genius had done (and being on their mailing list), it was clear that they knew what they were doing both in terms of marketing, language and professionalism.”



We saw the one thing capable of tying all three audiences together were the values BizWorld UAE stands by: empowerment, preparing for the future, inspiring the next generation and showing how traditional lessons in the classroom connect to the outside world.

We knew these values would appeal to parents, kids and potential partners alike, so we made it our priority to ensure they permeated throughout the website copy. That way we could establish a universal point of engagement.

Going hand-in-hand with communicating BizWorld UAE’s values, we led the copy with benefits, focusing on the wider impact the program would have on its students and region’s economy.

Beyond driving the main of the copy with values and benefits, we adjusted the tone on pages targeting specific audiences, using more simplistic language for the students, for example.



The proof is in the pudding. Why not take a look around BizWorld UAE’s shiny new website yourself?

Of the project, Helen says: “I’ve worked with copywriters many times and it’s usually a very difficult process. Whether it's getting the tone of voice right, messaging, linguistics or adhering to deadlines, I’ve usually had little faith in the process until I worked with Hello Genius.”

“In terms of the process, it was seamless and that was the biggest advantage to the work. The fact I didn't have to worry about triple checking the work for consistency, tone and messaging meant that I can worry about other parts of the business set up.”

“I was impressed with how I had to do very few amendments, everything was delivered on time and the experience overall gave me peace of mind. I was comfortable and confident during the whole process and felt the work that they were doing was as important to them as it was to me.”

“Everyone who saw my website complimented me on it! That, to me, is a true testament of the work done.”