How we turned techie terms into plain speaking benefits to give this long-established IT consultancy a new lease of life


CSMB has been providing outstanding customer service to a vast portfolio of business customers for twenty years. As an IT support provider, the team has seen unprecedented developments in their field since back in 1997.

Yet staying abreast of these technological leaps and bounds never once compromised CSMB’s focus on impeccable customer service.

For example, a customer’s call for help will never be fielded by an untrained operator. Instead, CSMB’s support lines are managed solely by experienced IT engineers based in their Fleet office, with an average pick-up time of just 39 seconds.



When Paul Richards took over management of CSMB, he knew their website needed a refresh as a matter of priority.

Though their expertise had moved with the times and the team had never let customer service standards slip, marketing had taken a backseat. New business relied heavily on referrals; there were very few cold leads coming in.

The website did little to promote the values of the company or the real benefits of choosing CSMB as an IT partner.

Instead, it was home to a whole lot of IT jargon about the technicalities of what CSMB offered, which would probably have meant nothing to your average budget holder.


To make the copy on CSMB’s website match the quality of their customer service, we started by having a deep-dive discussion with Paul about the business.

Further to the usual topics we seek insights on when we’re first getting to know a customer - market positioning, audience awareness, audience profile etc - there were a tonne of technical services Paul needed to explain to us.

This took time but was a crucial step in being able to produce engaging, benefits-led copy for the entire website - not just the homepage and about page. 4,958 words later, we’d transformed how CSMB speaks to its customers.


It seems logical to think the person with the expertise is the best person to write about it.

But CSMB is a perfect example of this not being the case. It was far more beneficial to have someone new to all the technical specifications writing about them.

After all, the people looking for help from CSMB are unlikely to be experts in everything IT either, and it’s just so easy to put people off with unintended jargon. Far better to have someone explain the offering in layman’s terms which convey real meaning, than in a language they don’t understand.

The result is a website http://www.csmb.co.uk/ which is far more likely to draw in fresh leads and interest from people who haven’t already heard good things about CSMB through word of mouth.

Paul says: "It was a pleasure working with Rachel. She really took the time to gather the information about my company and asked questions I would have never thought of.

"The end results were fantastic. I would recommend Hello Genius for copy writing anytime"