How we opened teachers’ eyes to a better era in school photography


MySchool.Photos is the brand new school photography branch of one of the UK’s most trusted school sports photographers, DE Photos.

Having been in close contact with school decision makers for many years, director Mike Moore knew teachers were fed up of the admin-heavy task of getting a good school photo into the hands of each child’s waiting relatives.

He also knew parents were unhappy: they had no photos to choose between and getting hold of any was a lengthy process involving restrictive packages, cash-in-hand and written order forms.

MySchool.Photos puts an end to all of these frustrations.

Amongst other long-awaited innovations are multiple shots of each child and an online buying portal which puts relatives in direct contact with the photography company.

It means schools no longer need to play the middleman.



Despite often being met with a sigh of exasperation, the cumbersome responsibility for arranging school photos is largely accepted.

It’s how school photography has always worked, so why should teachers expect anything different come the next year?

It’s this lack of awareness MySchool.Photos has to contend with.

And even once the concept gets in front of teachers, it can be a slog to convince them it's not a case of "too good to be true".


Once we’d had an in-depth discussion about the business with Mike, we knew exactly how each part of their approach to school photography addressed a difficulty often experienced by parents or teachers.

First we used this to develop benefits-led copy for the MySchool.Photos website.

Then we produced a series of emails designed to develop a relationship with teachers who’d expressed an interest in MySchool.Photos, keeping the company on their minds and leaving them in no doubt they’d found their new school photographer.

This was an extended version of our usual KLT (Know, Like, Trust) sequence which meant there was be a full six months of email content to go out to each prospect, without anyone at MySchool.Photos having to so much as pick up the phone.


Mike’s email series is helping increase awareness of MySchool.Photos throughout the education profession, building trust and warming up leads at the same time.

"Working with Hello Genius helped us crystallise what we're all about into words our audience just "get". That in itself has been really valuable for us."

"I'm confident our website does the unique approach we takes to school photography justice and I can't wait to see the results once the email campaign has run its course."
Mike Moore, MySchool.Photos