Our Retreat

How we brought out the irresistible side of a unique Ibizan retreat


Lisa Carolan is the founder of Our Retreat - a luxurious seven-day fitness and wellbeing retreat on the secluded Ibizan coastline for busy individuals who need to unwind.

The retreats industry has been well established for a number of years, but from her own experience Lisa knew most retreats had one specialist, and often intense, focus: fad dieting, military-style fitness, all day yoga and meditation, and so on.

Believing there was a market for people who didn’t want extremes, but just needed a break from everyday life where they could gently focus on themselves for once, Our Retreat was born.



As the website is likely to be the only place prospects have contact with Our Retreat before booking, Lisa knew the copy needed to be strong - full of chilled out personality and utterly persuasive.

While the existing copy on Lisa’s website had the tone spot on in places, overall the information available to prospects was limited.

There was so much more to say about the whole experience, from the quality of each healthy and delicious meal cooked on-site by a professional chef, to the varied fitness regime, the range of spare time activities such as an open air cinema, and the incredible vistas to take in from the retreat’s idyllic location.

These key selling points were crying out for a place on the website. But as an entrepreneur yourself, you’ll know how quickly you can find yourself going round in circles as you try to find the right words to describe your business.


We needed to write copy which not only told people what was included in a break with Our Retreat, but could link the significance of each aspect back to their own lives.

That’s why we started by spending time with Lisa to fully understand the business. The industry it was in, where Our Retreat fitted in that, exactly the kind of people she wanted to attract and how the features of the retreat relate to their needs.

From there, we established exactly where copy was needed to fill the website with an engaging voice and got to work on writing.


See for yourself how the website copy came out over at the Our Retreat website. http://www.ourretreat.co.uk/