Lloyd HR

How we helped a progressive HR consultancy win over undecided prospects with a single resource


As an entrepreneur, you’ll know the ‘burst balloon’ feeling when the highs of business growth are slighted by a need to take on more outside help.

One of the main areas developing startups need a hand with is HR.

Charlie Lloyd recognised the challenge at play for small business owners who needed to outsource their HR, but couldn’t shell out endlessly for pay as you go support.

She decided to provide her outsourced HR consultancy service on a more budgetable basis, introducing a retainer payment model.



Charlie was struggling to put into clear, lively words how Lloyd HR was different to other HR consultancies and why her prospect’s needn’t think twice about partnering with her for expert HR support.

Her unusual business model meant there was an extra layer of difficulty in getting through to her audience.



Besides carrying out a complete overhaul of Charlie’s website copy, we recommended the production of a sales page.

This single resource would sum up everything Lloyd HR is about - how it caters to business owners’ needs better than the competition, exactly what the service entails, what are the seriously good outcomes of the way Lloyd HR works with its customers... all the things people really care about.

The whole piece would be driven by unforgettable personality.


Charlie now has a trusty marketing resource at her fingertips she can hand to prospects when they request more information or when somebody’s teetering on the precipice of buying. She says:

“I now send out the sales page to any potential clients and it gives them a sharp, sweet overview of what we can do for them. It’s been a great means of engaging prospects as it's something tangible for them to look through.”

“I’ve got genuine peace of mind now that I can convey my service clearly to potential clients and I feel confident that we won’t be falling behind our competition any time soon.”

“The tone of voice Hello Genius used reflects my personality so well and mimics how I speak to my clients in person.”

“Had I not worked with Hello Genius, I’d still be having to fight more to get business and struggling to convey what Lloyd HR offers.”