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“Making your dream home a reality…”

Everyone wants to live in their dream home. For most people, getting your hands on your forever home is a case of earning enough from your job so your income gives you the mortgage you need. But for self-employed business owners and entrepreneurs, it’s a different story.

When mortgage broker, Gary Das was looking to purchase his dream home with his wife, he thought it was going to be plain sailing. His business was highly profitable, he had a good income and all the signs were positive. It wasn’t until he started approaching lenders that he realised the deck was stacked against self-employed people. Traditional lenders simply didn’t understand dividends and retained earnings and would only ever fall back on looking at payslips.



Brochure writing & customer journey

Meet Active Mortgage, the UK’s only mortgage advisor solely dedicated to helping self-employed business owners secure the finance they need for their dream home.


mortgages for the self-employed.

Shocked with this discovery, Gary made it his mission to seek out lenders who understood all those thousands of men and women who run their own businesses across the UK who were struggling to get mortgage finance. (The good news is he did and he secured his dream home.)

What came out of that experience was Active Mortgage, the UK’s only mortgage advisor solely dedicated to helping self-employed business owners. Gary and his team have been taking the market by storm after developing the ACTIVE framework that takes all the hassle, worry and time-wasting out of preparing  and sourcing mortgage finance for the busy entrepreneur.

more than just a brochure.

In spreading the message to the wider business owner community, Gary already had a number of powerful assets in his arsenal, including his book The Self-Employed Mortgage Guide, and social feeds packed with high value content and videos. What he really felt the business needed was a powerful, compelling brochure that would talk directly to the target audience in a way that other mortgage brokers – who hadn’t specialised in the self-employed – could not. Furthermore, this brochure needed to quickly build trust, demonstrate credibility and move the reader to take action quickly. 

During our insight call, we identified the target audience and uncovered the buying behaviour and issues they regularly faced. We also sought to understand how the ACTIVE framework delivered additional value to the target audience and how that contributed to the major promise of the brand – to help you get your dream home.  

From our research and insights discovered, we developed a brochure for Active Mortgage with the target audience as the focus. By building on Gary’s story early on and demonstrating empathy, there was a clear path for the reader from knowing their problem had been understood to explaining a simple, straightforward (and hands-off) process they could work with Active to get what they wanted.

It was also important to understand the complete customer lifetime journey. Once Gary and his team had secured the mortgage, there were other ways the single transaction could develop into a meaningful, long term relationship with Active Mortgage as a broker to turn to for other services and products.

We don’t see brochures as a simple “leave behind”. They need to advise, educate and importantly signpost the reader to other resources, such as online video, reports and other content that keeps the reader engaged.

The result was a powerful, compelling brochure that Gary and his team now use to drive more enquiries and more leads, positioning Active Mortgage as the perfect partner for any self-employed person who is looking for their dream home.




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