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“It’s time for a change…”

Trading can make you a lot of money. Learning to become a trader, however, can lose you a lot of money. 

The world of online trading education has a terrible reputation. Self-proclaimed experts market and sell trading education courses promising laptop lifestyle luxury with very little results for the unfortunate students who part with their money.


Customer journey, audience research & email marketing

Meet TierOneTrading, the team of professional traders changing the way people learn to trade by giving students access to everything they need to succeed – from live trading rooms and training sessions to expert analysis and a supportive community.


transforming the way people learn to trade.

Observing what had been happening in the sector, two professional full-time traders Darren Inglesby and Jason Graystone simultaneously but independently came to the same conclusion: it’s time for a change.

By chance, they crossed paths and happen to share their vision for a brighter, more ethical future for the trading education space and together with another experienced trader Akil Stokes, a partnership was born. Months later, that vision bore fruit and TierOneTrading was launched.

TierOneTrading is an online trading education platform designed to deliver training, mentoring and accountability to individuals who are committed to becoming traders. Coming from the starting point of “what is everything a new or learning trader needs to really succeed in this profession?”, the platform is designed to provide end-to-end learning alongside fostering a community of like-minded, supportive students.

building a seamless customer journey.

The platform launched in January 2018 and very quickly saw success with the number of students rapidly growing.

However, Darren, Jason and Akil identified there was even greater potential to grow by building out a complete customer journey. This would attract, nurture and convert a potential student from the point of first contact through the stages of engagement – free trial, monthly membership and upgrading to annual membership.

Our approach was to identify the perfect customer and understand their buying behaviour and key decision points. In a market where scepticism is so high, our focus was on using copy to build credibility and trust in ways that spoke to the needs of the customer and differentiate and elevate the platform above other options available.

using email with purpose.

Time was also key. TierOne invested in our ultimate package which provided everything they needed and was delivered by us in four weeks – just before Christmas. 

The team can now be certain their ideal prospect is being consistently and effectively nurtured. Future students are now moved through the key stages of the buying cycle in a way that increases their “stick” rate and improves lifetime value – giving Darren, Jason and Akil the freedom to continue delivering value and showing them how to become financially independent through trading.






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