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Zola amour

“It all started with a plain black tee…”

The fashion industry is broken. Fashion represents one of the most wasteful, polluting industries as well as suffering from a terrible record on workers’ rights and exploitation… and “fast fashion” is to blame. Solving the challenges of the fashion industry requires a shift in thinking and behaviour, while still capturing exactly why fashion retail draws so much consumer attention and money.


Website copywriting

Step forward Zola Amour, an ethical, sustainable “slow fashion” business offering beautifully designed pieces that, literally, don’t cost the earth.


words with a purpose.

Founder Emily Evans – a former buyer for Jimmy Choo – is on a mission to transform the face of the fashion industry.

Emily approached us to work on her messaging and Founder’s Story that was predominantly communicated through her website. Although at the time, Zola Amour had pop-up retail stores, online retail through the website was the primary driver of revenue. Words mattered.

Clothes that never go out of fashion.

Working with Emily, our approach was to strip back and identify exactly who Zola Amour’s perfect customer really was and then develop and tailor the message to their wants and needs. One of the key challenges was to nail the tone of voice as inspirational and aspirational rather than preaching about ethics and sustainability.

Emily’s stunning designs had to be complemented by copy that elegantly explained the benefits and value without being overbearing.




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