This isn’t reverse psychology.

This isn’t some sassy trick.

This isn't a dastardly ploy.

I’m just a boy.

Sitting in front of computer screen.

Asking you not to sign up.*

You see, in a few months my book, How To Start A Cult, is published.

And to prove the system I outline in the book works, I’m using the same approach to promote my book.

On LinkedIn.

On Youtube.

On Facebook.

And, yes, on email.

But my email strategy is different from most.

I’m not interested in huge numbers.

There will be plenty of people who like the idea of signing up to my email lists because they want the ultimate prize - more income, more growth and a loyal following.

Yet, in reality, most people like that will barely read my emails.

And take absolutely zero action towards building their own cult.

That's not saying my emails are bad. In fact, they're rather damn good.

It's just the reality.

That’s why I’m discouraging you from signing up.

I mean it.

I totally get that 95% of people who pick up my book and read it will do absolutely nothing with it.

I even created what I call the Pie Chart of Truth to show what I mean...

Most (75%) people won't be interested in starting a cult at all. They shudder at the idea and think it's ridiculous.

I'm cool with that. It's expected.

But there's another 20% who KNOW it's right for their business...

... but won't do ANYTHING about it. 

It's unbelievable really. Only 5% will grasp this and run with it.

And that'll be the 5% that build a following that takes their brand to new levels.

If you think you're in that 20%... this list probably isn't for you.

Because that’s just what *most* business owners and brands do.

And that’s fine.

They can join whatever lists they want. 

But I really don’t want them to join this list.

Because it’s my list.

And if you’re in that 95% of *other* business owners, you’re really not going to like some of the content I’ll send you over the next few months.

(Although you’ll still buy the book because of the title. But you *probably* won’t like it.) 

So, do yourself a favour right now

Do NOT join this list. 

Signing up for this means I send you emails. Probably quite a lot of them. If you're in any way confused by the idea of signing up for an email list and then receiving emails, please don't. When you sign up you give consent for me to send emails to you. (I can't believe I have to write this. Thanks GDPR...). 

* Oh, and top marks if you got this reference.