As an entrepreneur or small business owner, pitching a brand new idea to your market can be unexpectedly fruitless.

Standing on a crowded street corner, a world full of strangers can pass you by without a second glance. You have an incredible idea, a product with shed loads of potential which you’re bursting to share, but not one of the hurried passers by gives you the time of day.

Even when you do get a listener, there’s so much you want to tell them you can easily end up saying not much at all. If your messaging lacks clarity (and so often it does), you’ll quickly lose their attention.

If only you had enough momentum.

How to propel yourself to the top

Put whatever you already know on hold for the moment, because it’s essential you consider the following concepts if you ever want to build enough momentum to break through in your sector.

1. Make your message clear

It doesn’t matter how clever you are, or how extensive your vocabulary is. Your business needs a simple and compelling message.

A message which can be understood by anyone and is present in every aspect of your marketing.

Try this out…

Ask a member of your team to describe your core product or service to you.

OK, now ask a different team member the same thing.

How similar were their responses? Did they nail your unique selling point?

So many businesses who try to disrupt an industry fall at this crucial hurdle: the hurdle of effectively and succinctly communicating the intrinsic value of their product. Defining the thing that sets them apart from their competitors.

And it’s all down to the underlying message. If your team can’t fully describe the merits of the product they are selling then how can you expect your prospects to know them? There’s a good chance you’re introducing a completely new idea – something they don’t even realise they need.

As soon as your messaging is polished, your customers will become your marketing. A strong message starts to penetrate into people’s conversations and your brand becomes exponentially better known.

This is the basis for your momentum.


Source: Yahoo news

2. Infiltrate that message everywhere

So, you’ve clarified your message, now what? How do you get it across to the right people and go from being a fly on your customer’s wall to something they can’t ignore?

As an entrepreneur, you need to be the face of your business. Basically, you need to have fingers in all the pies.

You have your message, now you need to start some conversations.

Put yourself out there. Meet with affiliates, shake hands with potential clients, become well known and spread your inspiring message.

Use multiple marketing channels and focus your advertising through each and every one of these.

Give value in every bit of copy you write, show passion and inject energy into every interaction you have, and most importantly, communicate your core message again and again until your audience knows it like law.

Just look at how Netflix smashed through their industry

You probably know the story of Netflix’ rise to supremacy: Reed Hastings and Marc Rudolph founded the company in 1997 as an internet based video rental service. It wasn’t until 2007 when they expanded their services to introduce media streaming that they really began to rock the boat.

Netflix is a textbook example of how a disruptive business used clear messaging to snowball their momentum and become a household name across the world.

Netflix has always been a forward thinking company, but it’s doubtful whether they would have seen their overwhelming success had they not communicated their unique value so effectively.

Jump to 2013. The press are swarming over the dilapidated BlockBuster rental giant. It’s like watching a mighty T-Rex brought down by a pack of Velociraptors.

Netflix used this killer timing to focus all their resources on marketing their original, winning idea, using the media to push their message and visibility far beyond their former reach.

This razorsharp focus made sure their clear proposition penetrated the market permanently, and by continually communicating and improving their services, more and more people have learnt its incredible potential. Potential only two men saw way back in 1997.

Netflix proved that, by sharing your message everywhere (within your relevant market) and providing real value to potential customers, you can quickly gain that elusive momentum your business has been lacking.

It’s at this point that people start turning around in the street to warmly greet you.

Here’s something that will help

Creating clear messaging and infiltrating that message everywhere are two of the six foundational steps of industry disruption. You can discover what these mean on a practical basis by downloading the Industry Disruption Scorecard.

It’s one of our most valuable resources, and as a marketing agency it’s something we look through in depth with each client to benchmark their progress and plan for future breakthrough.

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