Why reviews carry so much value for your company

Watching the teaser trailer for The Revenant, we weren’t overly impressed. It showed us two minutes of a grubby-looking Leonardo DiCaprio crawling and grunting through some wilderness and little else:

But then came the reviews. Rave reviews! And twelve, yes, twelve Oscar nominations!

Suddenly, everyone’s asking whether it might finally be Leo’s time to win a coveted golden figurine at this years star-studded evening of chiffon and tuxedos.

It just goes to show, you never can tell.

So next time you get a review and feel a strike of terror as you consider just what someone might have said, even if you can’t think of any reasonable grounds for a complaint, don’t worry: you’re thinking about it all wrong!

Reviews are gold dust…

  • Yes, they might show you where your service can be improved, but they can also let you know just where you are hitting that sweet spot. Great for a morale boost.
  • Reviews can reveal a problem faced by your target market that you hadn’t previously been aware of and which you might be able solve with a new or extended product. (Reviews are a hugely useful – and generally untapped – resource when researching the market for our clients).
  • And by actively encouraging feedback via reviews or testimonials, you automatically up your reputation as a business that can be liked and trusted. Just by asking the question, you’re showing that you care and that you value your customer above all else.
  • Let’s not forget – every single review or piece of feedback can be used as the basis for some really solid content to market your business with. Just think how much more convincing a claim from a salesperson is if it’s backed up by a recommendation from a happy customer; it’s just the same when you have testimonials on your website.

Say the worst does happen and you get feedback that’s far from glowing…

Don’t fret, just take a leaf out of the Legend marketing book.

This gritty biopic about the Kray twins was led by Leo’s co-star in The Revenant, Tom Hardy, and is pretty damn good. Well, most of us thought so.

But a critic at The Guardian felt otherwise and awarded Legend a measly two stars.

Rather than ignore the put down, these two stars were used ingeniously on the Legend movie poster to help fill in a background that was overflowing with stars. Take a look:

Spot it?

Yes, nestled there amongst the four and five star reviews are The Guardian’s two stars, though it rather cleverly suggests that a further couple are hidden behind Tom Hardy’s head(s).

Now that’s smart (if a little deceptive).

A perfect example of using a shoddy review to one’s advantage; even the reviewer was impressed by its audacity:

How my negative review of Legend was spun into movie marketing gold


Of course, the pinnacle of representing something worthy of feedback is when the positive reviews stack up to the point that you deserve an award.

So why not get yourself one?

Writing an award entry for your business can seem like a daunting, time-guzzling task BUT there is help out there (*hint hint*) and it is TOTALLY worth the effort.

Discover why your company should enter awards in this blog post.

The lesson? Don’t be afraid of reviews, welcome them. And as for Leo, we’ll see next week at the Oscars…