Here’s a quick quiz on customer loyalty.

If your business suffered an injustice that meant you had to shut your doors through no fault of your own, what would your customers do?

  1. Shrug their shoulders and drift away to your competitors?
  2. Freeze and not doing anything, while constantly messaging you for updates when you may be back in business?
  3. Man the barricades, mobilize and do everything they goddamn could to get you back in business again?

The difference between the first and last option is HUGE.

You’d like to believe they wouldn’t drift off to your competitors… but would they sound the rallying cry and come to your rescue.

Do you LOVE you that much?

Does your brand inspire customer loyalty?

If this looks a familiar situation, it is. That’s exactly what happened to Uber earlier this year when it lost its licence to run taxis in London.

(And – as I said then – I firmly believe it will be back soon enough).

The point to take is this.

Despite Uber’s many, many serious failings and it’s corporate chaos, it had a following who not only LOVED what they did… but feel like they can’t live without it.

That’s a powerful place to be for any business.

What most people who read this situation don’t think is – “why can’t my business be like that?”

Building customer loyalty requires focus

Uber engineered this level of commitment and investment from its “tribe”. It helps they are digitally savvy and understand the power of social media and know how to mobilize opinion rapidly.

What’s to stop you doing the same?

Understanding how to use combine the right message with the right technology is a key skill for any business trying to break the stranglehold of a market with a few dominant players.

And the good news is the incumbents are probably NOT doing this.

Get this right and they won’t see you coming.