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Our brochure copywriting service helps persuade your customer that your company, product or service is the only one for them.


We’ve all suffered from terrible corporate brochures…

…laden with dry, boring copy and dreadful stock images of suits high-fiving each other.

…dripping with meaningless corporate speak and loaded with content which speaks too much about the business and not enough about the audience or their needs.

…filled with arty images that scream lack of purpose and leave you with little idea about the company.

The biggest mistake companies make is considering brochures as merely informational tools.

They’ll fill them with tables, figures and intricate details of the product that send your reader to sleep.

The most important goal is to get your brochure read (and not end up in the wastepaper basket). And that means looking at brochures differently.



Our approach to brochure copywriting begins with understanding how to persuade the customer by showing how your product will be invaluable to them on a much deeper level.

Few people buy a computer based on the fact it has 3 extra megahertz; they buy it for the promise of what those megahertz could do for them.

This persuasion starts on the front cover, enticing the customer to open the brochure and find out more. Each page wills the customer to keep reading. It needs to extol the benefits of the product or service, not list the features.

It must offer the reader an idea of the life they could be living with your product in their hands, and how one of the major problems in their life would be solved if they decided to purchase your product.

Every word in the brochure needs to earn its place. By the end of the brochure the customer doesn’t just know about the product, they want it.


Every word in the brochure needs to earn its place. By the end of the brochure the customer doesn’t just know about the product, they want it.

A perfectly-pitched sales brochure will give you:

Better engagement

A powerful, engaging tool that engages your prospect and sells you even when you’re not there.

Greater recognition

A physical reminder to keep you front of your prospect’s mind.

Powerful positioning

Positioning that leaves them confident there’s nobody better for the job than you.

Choosing the right agency to help with your brochure copywriting makes the difference between your brochure winning the sale or ending up in the bin.

 “Jody has become invaluable to my business. I wasn’t quite sure how it was going to work in the initial stages but his style and manner soon had me engrossed and would you believe it…quite enjoying the process. He has been my ‘find’ of the year to add to my team, and I like to tell as many people as I can about him.”

Deborah Fielding, Mirus Media

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