email marketing


Using email the right way to deepen relationships and multiply profits.


You need to get email marketing right, all the time.

Too often companies use the same level of communication they do in other channels in their email communication, missing a prime opportunity to speak on a more personal level to the reader, increase brand awareness and subtly sell services.

They get email marketing wrong, and the consequences are damaging…

… emails perceived as too salesy.

… emails which don’t engage.

… emails which aren’t targeted to the reader’s interests.

These all undermine your message.

When it comes to your inbox, a misplaced sentence or word can cause your message to be perceived as inappropriate or spam, losing you a potential customer forever.

You know what happens when you try too hard sell someone the first time they interact with your brand?

The target views every subsequent communication through the prism they’re going to be sold to. And they’ll resist.

That’s why you need to get email marketing right, first time.


A reader’s inbox is personal.

So when your email drops into their inbox, the presentation, content and tone of the email creates an immediate perception for the reader.

If you’re going to spend time in your audience’s inbox, you better be sure you’re delivering exactly the kind of content they want.

From newsletters to automated messages about registrations and changes, emails are intrinsically linked to how your company is perceived.

Your email marketing must be congruent with your brand, and pitched at a level that reinforces your company’s message and builds trust.

We bear all these outcomes in mind when crafting your emails.

And despite the endless opportunity for variety in your emails, it’s important you have a few essentials in place to start with.

There are four email marketing campaign types we focus on developing first:

KLT Sequence (Know, Like, Trust)

Short series of 2-3 emails when someone first signs up which introduce your brand and encourage them to know, like and trust you.


Extended series delivered at weekly, fortnightly or monthly intervals to keep your name front of mind so when the need to invest arises, you’re the prospect’s first port of call.


One-off series used in conjunction with a Nurture campaign to promote a particular product or service and move your readers towards the sale.


Series of emails delivered on occasional basis to remind customers how to get the most out of their purchase and encourage repeat business.

 “Just a fortnight after our initial Insights call, we had a substantial email series written and ready to go. There were barely any amends, the tone was on point and the content itself was both engaging and covered everything there is to know about our apprenticeships.”

Luke Hardy, Swim UK

Time to make the most of email? damn right it is.

Tell us a little about your business and the emails you need help with so we can make it happen.