tone of voice


A strong tone of voice persuades your customer that your company, product or service is the only one for them.


Tone of voice is often the forgotten component to elevate a brand to “great”.

Too many businesses make the mistake of thinking business-to-business copy needs to be purely informational.

Inspiration, ambition, worry and hope don’t dissipate at the office front door. 

Business people are people, too.

And so it’s never been more important to make an emotional connection with your reader.


Strong tone of voice on signage

Another thing – let’s stop with the jargon.

It just gets in the way of the message you’re trying to impart.

Most consumers have woken up to the fact that business jargon or buzzwords are generally meaningless and used to make something or someone sound more important than they really are.

The other enemy of credibility is hyperbole.

Look, we know your product is the best thing since sliced bread.

But excessive use of words like “groundbreaking”, “amazing”, “revolutionary”, and “paradigm-shifting” do nothing to enhance trust, build credibility or persuade your audience.

They mean nothing.


Your tone of voice should reflect the customer you’re aiming to attract. We’ll craft your tone based on what we think your customers want you to be. Along with that, we’ll ask about the personality of your company. Is it…

Is it…

  • Energetic?
  • Serious?
  • Straight-talking?
  • Witty?
  • Educated?
  • Wry?

Translated into tone of voice, some of these personality-traits work better than others from a business perspective, but there is one which is never acceptable… boring.


One of the biggest challenges for a company producing a lot of their own marketing content is keeping the tone consistent.

Developing a tone of voice guide goes a long way to ensuring everyone in your marketing team is on the same page and that any inconsistencies are ironed out.

Our experience as content and copywriters allows us to find the perfect voice for your company.

“The tone of voice Hello Genius used reflects my personality so well and mimics how I speak to my clients in person. Had I not worked with them, I’d still be having to fight more to get business and struggling to convey what Lloyd HR offers.”

Charlie Lloyd, Lloyd HR

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