There I was with none other than the funnel hacker himself, Russell Brunson.

Now, there were a bunch of really good speakers at this biz event where Brunson was speaking.

…and I could have picked a tidbit from any of the speakers, but it was a statement that Brunson made which really hit me.

Talking about his team and the process he goes through when marketing, he said:

We’re not allowed to be creative until we’re making money!

How often is the opposite true with our marketing?

How often do we want to change the world with our marketing activity rather than focus on bringing home the moolah?

I know I am.

What a simple approach.

Cash first. Innovate later.

Let me explain the thinking.

If you’re unaware of Russell Brunson, he’s the guy who is associated with funnel hacking – in other words, reverse engineering successful funnels and creating his own.

He did this with his first supplements funnel.

He saw what a supplement rival was doing and modelled their approach.

Not copying.

Not ripping it off.

Simply modelling the funnel and the offer.

His approach was so straightforward.

He took what he saw his competition was doing. And did the same.

He figured they were making a ton of money, so what they were doing was a pretty good starting point.

And once he had seen some results, he’d try to better what they’d done.

The sucker punch came when he stumbled across the strangest, most counter-intuitive offers that were being used as upsells.

That’ll never work, he told himself.

But, by putting his ego aside and modelling exactly what WAS working for the other company, he ended up making a lot of money.

Focus on what IS working.

Not what you THINK might work.

Let’s look at that order, again:
Model what IS making money
Make some revenue
Then try to beat the control

If he’d seen what his competitor was doing and thought nah, my prospects won’t buy that and changed the funnel DESPITE knowing it was working for his competitor, he would have made considerably less money than he did.

He stuck to the recipe.

And he got his rewards.

Yes, it’s unfashionable.

Yes, it may err on the side of boring or dull.

But the best indicator of whether your approach is going to work is whether it’s already working for someone else.

That’s why knowing what your competitors are doing is so important.

Understanding what offers your market is responding to right now removes guess work.

Make money first, THEN get creative.

It’s why, despite all the grumbling, long-form sales letters continue to perform.

It’s why learning the old-school copywriting sales psychology and persuasion techniques will NEVER date.

It’s what WORKS.

Remember, it’s better to be boring than broke.

Get your ego out the goddamn way and start making money.

That’s an order.

(And that applies to me as much as you…)